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Russia and Eurasia - International headlines
A daily listing of Russia/Eurasia-related press reports
31 October 2015 - Full text...

Beyond the screen - Related happenings
Events behind shifts in national and international policy in Russia and Eurasia.
30 October 2015 - Full text...

Lukashenko the survivor – - By will, and by skill
Sunday’s Belarus election may yield no surprises, but it’s an apt occasion on which to observe and appreciate the president’s skilful handling of his country’s relations with rival powers in a tense period of history
8 October 2015 - Full text...

Extension of the refugee crisis - From Syria to the Caucasus
The exodus from Syria is having a little-noticed effect on the Caucasus and some Russian republics NEW
21 September 2015 - Full text...

Russia and Syria - Confronting Isis
Can Moscow's initiative stir dithering Western leaders to action? NEW
17 September 2015 - Full text...

Russia and the Greek crisis - Staying on the sideline
Russia had no interest in intervening in Greece’s quarrel with its Western creditors, or in doing anything to further increase the international disorganisation that is damaging its economic interests.
17 July 2015 - Full text...

Azerbaijan under scrutiny - European Games in the Caucasus
Hosting the European Games, which open on 12 June, invites an unplanned look at Azerbaijan's less than democratic credentials.
10 June 2015 - Full text...

The West and Ukraine - First signs of fatigue
Confused signals, such as Saakashvili’s bizarre appointment to the Odessa governorship, are testing credibility towards President Poroshenko’s ability to surmount Ukraine’s nationality crisis. NEW
2 June 2015 - Full text...

The Riga summit - Time to wake up
At least, the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga on 21-22 May did not pave the way for another armed conflict on the European continent as did the summit of Vilnius in December 2013. But the results are a world away of the hopes that have been pined on it.
20 May 2015 - Full text...

The EU and Russia - Far apart on energy needs
The EU is looking for non-Russian gas – but finding a way of maintaining relations with Gazprom is more complex.
28 April 2015 - Full text...

Russia and the Gulf - Not the Soviet Union
A leading analyst argues that Russian policy towards the Middle East, and particularly the Gulf, derives from pragmatism, and not from ideology. NEW
24 April 2015 - Full text...

Russia and Yemen - Wisdom and Neutrality
By pressing for international action, Moscow is sounding the alarm over the development of the Yemen conflict into something more serious.
11 April 2015 - Full text...

New 'front' in Ukraine - Governor and security chiefs arrested
The sacking of oligarch governor Igor Kolomoisky by president Poroshenko on 24 March, followed next day by the arrest of the head of the Ukrainian State Emergencies Service, Serhiy Bochkovsky, and his deputy, Vasyl Stoyetsky, opens a new front in Ukraine. NEW
25 March 2015 - Full text...

Collective woes of the 'FSU' (1) - Seven states in crisis
Independence is still not the word to apply to the member countries of the former Soviet space. All suffer in different degrees from the crisis affecting Russia because of Western sanctions, aggravated by he fact that their economies are even less diversified than Russia’s and their populations more restless.
11 March 2015 - Full text...

Collective woes of the 'FSU' (2) - Seven states in crisis
We ontinue our report of former Soviet states affectd by the Russia-Ukraine crisis.
10 March 2015 - Full text...

Russia’s defence spending under pressur - Russian and Kiev forces compared
The latest issue of the IISS Military Balance devotes 48 of its 500-odd pages to prevailing capabilities, trends and strategic economics in Russia and Eurasia, and 53 pages to the same region’s force strengths and defence spending.
6 March 2015 - Full text...

Russia’s ‘opposition’ - How to regain momentum
The shocking murder of Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov has given unexpected significance to what was to have been a day of anti-government protest, and is now officially one of mourning, in central Moscow. Any thought of the possible consequences must start with a look at the attempt of the ‘opposition’ to regain momentum a year of being sidelined by events in Ukraine.
1 March 2015 - Full text...

Minsk II - Cautions and questions
The four-party agreement on ending the murderous fighting in eastern Ukraine has shown a flicker if promise, but many factors remain to be tested.
15 February 2015 - Full text...

A Ukraine ‘solution’ - Need for diplomacy step by step
A realistic look at the ground situation shows how much remains to be done. NEW
14 January 2015 - Full text...

Putin on the barricade - ‘No pasaran’
The President’s 4th December state-of-the-nation address was a rallying cry for the home audience.
10 December 2014 - Full text...


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