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Russia and the Gulf
Not the Soviet Union
  A leading analyst argues that Russian policy towards the Middle East, and particularly the Gulf, derives from pragmatism, and not from ideology. NEW
  (24 April 2015)

Russia’s defence spending under pressur
Russian and Kiev forces compared
  The latest issue of the IISS Military Balance devotes 48 of its 500-odd pages to prevailing capabilities, trends and strategic economics in Russia and Eurasia, and 53 pages to the same region’s force strengths and defence spending.
  (6 March 2015)

Security concerns in Central Asia
The Strategic Survey, 2014
  The IISS global survey highlights uncertainties threatening former Soviet territories.
  (26 September 2014)

Russia and Ukraine
Al last a level look
  Western experts provide two ways of looking at Russia's involvement with invents in Ukraine, and warn of the danger of global confrontation. NEW
  (5 April 2014)

Strategic Survey 2003
A lively time in Russia – and Georgia
  The annual Survey of the IISS takes a deeper look at recent events.
  (17 September 2013)

Russia strives for modern forces
And international stability
  The annual Military Balance of the International Institute for Strategic Studies highlights Russia’s effort to achieve a truly modern posture by 2020 – and the disjointed efforts of CIS members on behalf of security and stability in Eurasia.
  (21 March 2013)

Russia and Syria
The real Russian interest
  A leading Western strategic journal carries sharp criticism of much Western comment on Russia’s supposed interest in supporting Syria.
  (12 March 2013)

Georgia and Russia
Still a tricky transition
  The editor of one of Russia’s foremost analytical journals gives a sober account of Georgia's and Russia's best interests as a critical moment approaches in their apparently improved relations.
  (18 February 2013)

NGOs under fire
from a reformist
  A newly published ‘briefing paper’ from Chatham House London is critical of the reliance put by Western governments on NGOs as a motor of post-Soviet democratisation.
  (18 January 2013)

Russia’s ‘watershed’ year
- and Ukraine’s confusion
  An authoritative Western institute pronounces on the events of the past twelve months.
  (24 September 2012)

What drives Putin?
The limits and reality of power
  A close observer offers a more sophisticated explanation than is popularly accepted.
  (2 September 2012)

US Missile Defence and Russia
A practical proposal
  A Western expert proposes taking US-European missile defence plans ‘off the front burner’
  (18 April 2012)

Russian ‘energy diplomacy’
Another way of seeing it
  A Western analyst probes the reality and provenance of Russia’s ‘energy weapon’
  (31 March 2012)

Russia’s defence effort
Hopes and realities
  Defence experts question Moscow’s ambitious plans to overhaul its defence posture and military-industrial base.
  (14 March 2012)

Afghanistan and after
Central Asian states ‘on edge’
  Former Soviet republics are bracing themselves for possible destabilisation as the date approaches for the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan.
  (5 January 2012)

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Not the Soviet Union
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Russia’s defence spending under pressur
Russian and Kiev forces compared
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Security concerns in Central Asia
The Strategic Survey, 2014
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Time to face the facts
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